Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

It is nearing the end of Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 1, and speculation, hints, and more are flying around the internet as to what new weapons, reality augments, vehicles, characters, and battle pass items there will be in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

And one particular way many players will be trying to figure things out is through Donald Mustard’s Twitter account.

Donald Mustard – Epic Games twitter account

Donald Mustard is famous for giving hints at future Fortnite seasons through various actions on his Twitter, especially when another season is days away from happening. Even his location on Twitter has been changed to hint at future Fortnite seasons in the past, and it may just be hinting at such a thing in that very picture, along with his profile picture and, likely, many of his recent tweets.

Wall Running

A new rumoured feature that MAY appear in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 that will allow players to horizontal ‘run’ on the side of walls until gravity brings them down. It can be hypothesised that like other games that have had such features in them, a player will be able to run further along a wall if they start wall running at a faster horizontal velocity. Perhaps even a proper jump might help. 

Although, it would be wise to expect this feature to be buggy, and be removed within days of being released, if it does appear in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, as that would follow a pattern when it comes to new Fortnite items and features. Each feature comes with a game breaking glitch that can either be exploited to ruin the gaming experience of others, or will simply just ruin your experience. 

Once it gets past that stage, however, you can expect it to become a part of many Fortnite Creative experiences and even expect new map locations that have you rely on this movement mechanic to get to places instead having to build to them, or having the location be built so you can just walk there; such as, perhaps, a broken bridge next to a wall-like structure? Perhaps you’d be expected to wall run past the broken off structures. If they ever add a place like Tilted Town, I can see this working for build mode, instead of people simply just building past everything instead of learning new features.

Hill Scramble

Another rumoured feature that may just become a moving mechanic that is second nature to us Fortnite players in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 if released. It is to my understanding that this could be vital to No Build modes or even when one runs out of materials in Build modes, as dying to the storm or simply dying to another player because of no conventional method up a hill has been the source of rage for many players. Hill scramble may somewhat fix that and finally allow players to actually go up a hillside without the use of builds, some sort of item, or a Whiplash fitted with tire mods.

Although it would seem that this isn’t climbing per say, so it would be unwise to believe all hills could be toppled with this ability. Odds are that this mechanic, too, is momentum-based, and the higher the player momentum when running at a hill, the higher they will manage to reach.


An old location from the Fortnite Chapter 1 map has been hinted to come back next season, whether in its original state or something different, like Neo Tilted was to Tilted Towers, is unknown. This location was known as Lucky Landing on the chapter 1 map, although it was never all that popular in chapter 1 due to how unfortunately placed it was at one of the edges of the map—which, when playing a game with a storm like Fortnite’s, made it quite an undesirable place to land at.

Like with many of the previous seasons, it would be expected for a few new POIs to appear along with some of the ones in the current season disappearing. Whether at the start of the season or gradually through it is yet to be seen.


It is generally believed that Fortnite will have a collaboration with the anime known as Attack On Titan in Chapter 4 Season 2. This has been asked for and hoped for by the community for quite some time now, ever since the Naruto collaboration paved the way for anime collaborations to thrive, showing just how successful anime collaborations could be.

If this happens, we can at the very least expect a skin or a few skins based on characters from the anime along with perhaps a mobility item like the Spider-Man mythic mobility item from a few seasons back, as the anime does appear to have something of the sort in it. If the the collaboration is a big one, we might be able to expect something more like titans, but it is unlikely that such a thing will happen. At least it is very unlikely to happen in the Battle Royale modes. As for Creative mode? Who knows. ESPECIALLY with the fact that Creative 2.0 might finally be upon us.

It is likely that a creative map based on a location, or a few locations, from the anime will be made, and will have some quests for players to do in exchange for rewards like Attack On Titan based sprays, perhaps even an emote, or simply just some XP.

Creative 2.0

Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games has recently retweeted this:

Creative 2.0 has been something the Fortnite Creative community has been desperately waiting for for quite some time now, and now it finally seems like it will be released.

Although it would be advised not to get too hopeful, as Creative 2.0 has been delayed quite a few times in the past to the point where it has almost become a meme. Which is why it’s understandable if many are skeptical about it truly being released in Chapter 4 Season 2.


Be ready for what is likely the usual crowns reset, the downtime between updates—and for those of us with fast internet, be ready to have to wait as you get stuck in a queue, which often happens early on the first day of a new season. Be ready for new locations, new items, and potential new mechanics. And hope above all else that Creative 2.0 is released in Chapter 4 Season 2.