UAE adding Tesla Electric cars to taxi fleet for clean transportation

UAE Tesla taxi

UAE is moving efficiently towards clean and green transportation. UAE adding Tesla Electric cars to taxi fleet for clean transportation. According to an announcement made on by the emirate’s transportation sector regulator, Abu Dhabi now has a number of renewable energy taxis operating on its roads, including a certain number of Tesla electric vehicles.

Tesla Taxi in Abu Dhabi

In partnership with taxi franchisee Arabia taxi Transportation, the Department of Municipalities and Transport’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) introduced the upscale vehicles. The action fits with the goals of the public transportation authority to improve the environmental sustainability of its taxi fleet and to guarantee clean, green transportation in the emirate.

The addition of Tesla vehicles to the taxi fleet is part of the ITC’s strategic plans to support the emirate’s objectives for sustainable development, according to Abdullah Al Marzouqi, director general of the ITC.

The ambitious goals of the emirate’s Green Economy for Sustainable Development, including its aims to cut carbon emissions from various sectors, are then directly supported by the emirate’s new taxis. The taxis also position Abu Dhabi as a premier example of a sustainable, ecologically friendly transportation system that enhances people’s quality of life in general.

Tesla Taxi in Sharjah

Ten Tesla Model 3 sedan electric vehicles (EVs) connected to the Etihad and Medina Taxi Companies have been added by the Sharjah Road and Transport Authority (SRTA) in support of their green refleeting initiative.

According to the SRTA, it is working to gradually expand the number of these emissions-free cars in line with the drive toward renewable transportation.

The introduction of Tesla EVs falls under the Green Economy Initiative for Sustainable Development, according to Engineer Yousef Khamis Al Othmani, Head of the SRTA, in order to support environmentally friendly mobility options.

The Emirate of Sharjah is home to more than 3,700 taxis. There are four businesses that are active.

Each company’s fleet of vehicles covers more than 7 million kilometers and consumes 122,100 liters of fuel yearly, producing tons of carbon emissions.

In order to improve services to the public and achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, SRTA decided to strive for the highest global sustainable transport practices by sharing international experiences and learning about the best international practices.